Talking About Forests

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Why are we talking about Forests?

No matter where one lives on Planet Earth, we reap myriad benefits – both directly and indirectly – from healthy, diverse, and rich forests. The cornerstones of life itself – air, food and water, are all created within, through or by thriving forests. Indispensable ecosystem services, including clean air, climate control, and pollination of crops support agriculture and industry. Less tangible, yet equally crucial ecosystem services like cultural, physical, and mental well-being enable us to build wholesome, meaningful lives.

In the face of the growing climate change crisis, forests are become even more critical. Countries have recognized this and have pledged to stop deforestation. Yet, policies, incentives, and practices continue to degrade and deplete forests across the world.

It is vital to have deep multidimensional conversations to understand the importance of forests, the challenges that are driving degradation, and solutions that are becoming vital to test and implement at scale.

The Forests Podcast

Talking About Forests is a podcast series jointly produced by the Wildlife Conservation Trust and Dalberg Advisors and it explores different aspects of forest protection and conservation in the Global South.

Both WCT and Dalberg have worked extensively on different aspects of forest conservation and through this series, we speak to a range of experts with each episode delving deep into a specific issue facing forests and identifying implementable solutions. The series looks at these issues from a local perspective while also discussing global parallels.

Join your hosts Anish Andheria and Nirat Bhatnagar as they talk to decision makers and experts from grassroot organisations, think tanks, researchers, private sector, philanthropies, funders and the Government. Conversations cover thoughts, insights, and ideas on diverse forest conservation-related issues from pandemics, biodiversity, crime, and deforestation, to governance, history, finance, policy and more.


Nirat Bhatnagar

Partner (Dalberg)

Dr. Anish Andheria

President (Wildlife Conservation Trust)

Planning and Production

Shivangi Adani

Innovation Associate
Environment, Dalberg

Samyukta Chemudupati

Wildlife Conservation Trust

Purva Variyar

Conservation and Science Writer
Wildlife Conservation Trust